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Make your CSV database faster


I’m author of Czech name gem. Simply put it’s a database with more than 200k names. Names are stored in 4 CSV files, with the biggest having 100k items. Right now it’s terribly slow to get any name from it and it’s making the gem unusable.

So i was thinking how to make it faster… These are some ideas with benchmarks:



method real
Simple db, first name ( 0.000426)
Simple db, name in the middle ( 0.421385)
Simple db, last name ( 0.764998)
Hash db, first name ( 0.955345)
Hash db, name in the middle ( 0.000005)
Hash db, last name ( 0.000003)
Split db, first name in first part ( 0.000561)
Split db, last name in first part ( 0.435632)
Split db, first name in second part ( 0.819255)
Split db, last name in second part ( 0.835236)
Alphabet db, first name ( 0.000501)
Alphabet db, name in the middle ( 0.084445)
Alphabet db, last name ( 0.034563)
YAML db, first name ( 1.707125)
YAML db, last name ( 1.671748)


Important thing to know is that the names are ordered from most to least used. Ok! Let’s get started.

First of all Simple vs. Split database. Initially i thought that if i split names in two files it will get faster but that’s not true at all. The speed is same. What does it means? Well.. I guess the file is beeing read lazily? Nice! So it doesn’t matter how many files i have if i have to go through them all for the least used name. Also if i look at how long it takes to get middle name and last name, the speed is constant. Ok, that sounds logicall.

Hash db is blazingly fast. Once it’s in memory it beats everything. But the first access is slow. Unfortunatelly i think most of the time users will search only one name so they won’t profit from subsequent cache at all.. :(

YAML is slow. And, for such simple data structure, the readability isn’t better than CSV.

Alphabet db has some nice access times mostly the same for each item. Way better than one big file and the code is really simple yet powerful. It comes with a price of dependency on ActiveSupport and dozen of separate files but that’s not so bad. I know it isn’t anything big and i’v probably seen it somewhere before but honestly, i’m proud of it :)

Do you know about some other way access time could be improved over one big file?