Suptasks: Intro

I always felt like if i would somehow measure time i spent on various work tasks i could then analyze it and eventually improve efficiency. In company i work for we manage our tasks through Redmine and our internall CRM. In both of them it’s possible to track spent time.

The problem is it’s very very important to make this as much seamless as possible. Well that is important for all apps and tools in general but here it’s really big thing.

Somethimes my morning looks like this. Following things happen in ten minutes together:

  • Me working on some deadline feature
  • New colleague of mine asks for another task
  • Bug report from production comes in
  • Another colleague asks someting about some part of system
  • Client calls for some help
  • And of course i’m late with 10 other things i promised to someone

So now i need to fast switch between very different contexts. I don’t have time to track my time really. And i don’t remember it retrospectivelly.

Neither of Redmine or our CRM offers this really. They are designated or optimized for something else.

Why reinvent the wheel

There is a ton of these apps. But when it comes to web apps i’m often unhappy how they work. It might be some small thing in fact but as i’m a developer myself it’f kind of professional deformation and i just can’t get it out of my head. And when it’s such crucial to work it properly i decided to write it myself. After all i can be upset only on myself if it doesn’t work.

And another reason - it will serve as a place where i can test all technology things which interests me.

I released the code under MIT license.

I Might blog about it here :)

It’s here:

And here:

About me

Hi, i'm Premysl Donat and this is a place where i share things i find interesting.

This is my picture:

Premysl Donat at Balaton lake

I'm a web developer and i work at UOL. I also have a tiny company named Imagine Anything under which i run few side projects. Imagine has a beautiful logo so you better check it out!

I release all of my code under MIT license and it's freely available at Github.

Have a good one, Premek

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